Robaplan contains robenidine which is a coccidiostat and arrests the development of the first schizont generation. Secondly, robenidine hydrochloride is coccidiocidal, killing the second generation of schizonts and possibly the merozoitesa. Robaplan recommended as a medicinal feed additive for continuous use to control coccidiosis in poultry species. It is a broad spectrum anticoccidial agent approved to protect against Eimeria species in broilers, turkeys and rabbits. The mechanism of action of Robenidine has been extensively investigated and reported.

Recommendations for use

Robaplan is approved for continuous use in broilers and turkeys at concentrations of 30-36 mg/kg of Robaplan in feed as a pre-mix containing 0,3% robenidine. Robaplan is not approved for use in laying birds.


25 kg paper bags poly lined


1 kg per 1000 kg of feed


Continuous use in animal feed. Withdrawl period is 5 days prior to slaughter