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Welcome to Agraplan Animal Health Products

Agraplan, for more certainty

–           For any animal; whether it concerns a pair of breeding birds, a shoal of fish or a small or large mammal, you can rely on us for any animal
–           Modern facilities; we have our own high-tech production location, a modern, fully-equipped office and expert employees
–           Independence; our specialists are primarily concerned about the condition of your animal and seek the best tailor-made solution for the  problem
–           Broader view; we give dietary advice only after an analysis of all possible causes, such as health problems and the quality of life
–           Good assistance; to properly assist you prior to, during and after the intake, you can access your details online and you will receive useful schedules for the best application
–           Medical support; we can further examine your animal in our veterinary laboratory through a general, bacteriological and serological test.
–           Veterinary pharmacy; based on further examination, we can treat your animal with medicines from our own pharmacy

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