Aminovitaplan® contains all the essential amino acids, including the ten amino acids that poultry cannot make themselves. Amino acids are essential for all life processes at the cellular level. The immune system needs extra support to combat infections and after vaccination. Vitamin B Complex is essential for amino acid metabolism. In addition, vitamin B complex enables the digestion of carbohydrates and also ensures a healthy gut flora. Extra vitamin C supports the optimization which makes  Aminovitaplan® one of the most important supplements to the diet since decades.

Recommendations for use
After illness
After the use of antibiotics
During stressful situations
Delayed growth
Immune system support
Production decline
Reduced feed intake

500 ml
1 litre
5 litres
* In consultation other packaging sizes possible

500 ml per 1000 litres of drinking water

3-5 days during 18 hours a day