Vitaplan AD3ECK®

Vitaplan AD3ECK® is a supplementary source of vitamines, sorbitol and sodium ascorbate. Its recommended in all animal species, during their growth and for boosting reproduction and laying eggs in laying birds. Particularly useful in case of stressful situations caused by heat or transportation, in high performance animals or to supplement a diet deficient in anti parasitic or antibiotic treatments, especially with sulfonamides.


  • Improving nutritional efficiency and profitability in animal production.
  • Building up the body’s defenses and reinforcing its natural immunity.
  • Preventing viral and bacterial infections.
  • Helping te efficiently control pathological processes.
  • Providing better growth to the animals without stress.


1 and 5 litres.


250ml per 1000 liters of drinking water.


3-5 days