Vitaplan DCP®

Vitaplan DCP® is a supplementary liquid animal feed to support the development of healthy bones. Vitaplan DCP® can be ideally combined with Vitaplan O.M.®. In fact, these two products strengthen their effect. Routine application is highly desirable. Many ‘new’ broiler breeds have problems with bone development. Weak, brittle bones with symptoms of rickets are frequently present. Vitaplan DCP® helps to counteract these processes and promotes recovery. The quality of the eggshell can also be maintained until the end of the laying period with Vitaplan DCP®.

Recommendations for use
Vitamin D3 deficiency in feed
Lack of calcium and phosphorus
Leg problems
Stronger bones
Eggshell support

1 litre
5 litres
* In consultation other packaging sizes possible

200 ml per 1000 litres of drinking water

3-5 days during 18 – 24 hours a day